SHAKS was named after combining shark's front letters
"SH" and AKSys's front letters "AKS".

Sharks attack prey with sharp teeth and fast speed. Inspired
by the dominat shark as a predator of the sea, the brand
SHAKS was created to dominate the game industry.

The goal of SHAKS is to provide accurate and fast game
devices to game users!

Established in 2013, AKSys Co., Ltd was created by experts from
various professional fields such as engineering, marketing and
designing from global companies.

We develop, design and manufacture our own products such as
Gamepad, Gaming headset, Speaker, VR/AR HMD and other

We have extensive experience in it with other global companies such
as Qualcomm, NXP, Telecom Italia and others.

We focus on how to give the best convenience and entertainment to people.